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Elegant Systems fully understands the importance of Services in the global arena. To be the best in the market it already has a dedicated team of professionals giving services to its existing client. Services is divided into separate sectors which prominently are -
Development Services: A team of software developers are available to cater to the client needs.
Emergency Unit: Companies stuck up with acute problems and in need of immediate execution of specific MIS needs to control business operations can send their messages to the emergency cell and we will come up with immediate solutions by providing the extra mileage required to complete the work within the shortest possible time.
Educational Services: Tutors are available from 9am to 8pm Pacific time to render services to enrolled students according to schedule maintained for them. Emergency Tutoring cell is also available to cater to students in last moment need for help.
Supplemental Education Services: The Company has got extensive experience in developing customized management information system software for Supplemental Education Service Providers under the NCLB Act. The USP of the Company lies in the fact that it works with the providers and customizes all the requirements and that too at an affordable rate.
Enterprise Content Management and Portal
ESPPL helps you identify the right CMS just fits your specific business needs. Following are some of the services that we provide in this domain:
  • Feasibility Check – We assess the needs of an enterprise and share our feasibility report, and product evaluation report to inform you on the readiness of your organization and a solution that best fits your enterprise needs.
  • Design, Development, Implementation, and Training
  •  ESPPL Migration Services – ESPPL helps you with the migration of your content to a content management system. We also provide support in bridging your legacy content source with a planned content management system.
  • CMS Maintenance and Support – We provide both the onshore and offshore maintenance and support facilities based on your business needs. 24x7 phone and email support can also be provided.
  • ESPPL’s specialized areas in solutions include:
    • Web Content Management
    • Document Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Segmentation and Targeting
    • Web Analytics
    • Social Media
    • Ecommerce and Web Portals
Web Services
Elegant Systems is having an excellent track record in the Web arena with many successful projects being executed. Our client are extremely happy with the services given to them. Web Services are given in certain key areas as enlisted below :
  • Domain Registration
  • Shared Hosting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Writing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Modification of the website as per client requirement
  • E-Application Development
  • MIS customization carried out according to client requirement
  • Mailing Solutions
  • ECM Solutions
You can get best customer support in case of any technical or administrative issues related to your business.
Elegant Systems is already having a very strong experience in the Education Process Outsourcing Industry with its successful operation with,,
Right from the inception of the e-tutoring business arena, ES has been very much interested at the growing demand of the industry, which is very much at its nascent stage. We feel that there is a huge potentiality lying out with a market worth of millions of dollars, which needs to be tapped. We at ES have already developed the e-tutoring tool with its whiteboard technology and are currently executing the operations with highly skilled professional mathematics tutors to tutor the students across the globe.
** To know of our tutoring credentials, please have a look at the testimonials section of,
Software Development
Elegant Systems has a rich and highly experienced team of software professionals with senior programmers having more than 8 years of development exposure. With its methodical and logistical approach to any software project, the company has already made a mark to its client with smooth, error free, fast applications using state of the art technology.
A constant research and hard work has resulted in better and efficiently designed system which enables client to achieve the optimum level of satisfaction and compliance to business needs. The company focus is simple and straightforward programming so that users feel at ease while using the application. Constant up gradation of code are done to ensure that the application is faster than ever.
ESPPL Multimedia
Our multimedia team of professionals are compared with the best in the industry with top template designs for client which puts the client business image on a higher plane.
Our multimedia work can be categorically divided into the following sectors :
  • Template designs to represent your business to the world
  • Expert Flash programming team developing solutions which meet industry demands. Examples are
E-tutoring Whiteboard Technology
Corporate Training
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We can help you in optimizing your website and get it climb the ladders of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Kanoodle etc. All you need to do is to give us your site details, keywords you want us to optimize (optional) or let us identify your keywords. We will optimize your site in 3-6 months time.

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