SMS Marketing

Since we have started this service very recently, we are offering you a free trial offer. One of the best ways to promote your business nowadays...


We can help you in optimizing your website and get it climb the ladders of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Kanoodle etc.

eCommerce solution!

We can give you the Quickest and Best eCommerce solution available in INDIA. Most hassle free and dynamic which can be used online as well as...

Company News

Key Research Areas
Elegant Systems Research Wing is constantly working on to ensure the finest quality of job is catered to the client.

Currently our research wing is studying the SEOP feature in greater detail to actually meet its objective to ensure better search engine position for any web portal.

Whiteboard Technology with Audio Video Conferencing
We have successfully designed and developed the whiteboard technology with audio and video conferencing to ensure smoother communication. We are currently executing our product with the finest degree of professionalism and are catering to companies all across the globe.

Click here to experience the whiteboard technology

Corporate Training
Corporate Training is such an important segment in the industry which no company can avoid. Companies incorporate a huge cost just to train its executives to meet their business demands.

Elegant Systems, with its whiteboard technology and exclusive training tools is very keen to market its product to companies across the globe.

  • Whiteboard used for presentation
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Chat Mode
  • Administrator can give special features of allowing all the training executives to share the admin's machine.
  • File Transfer – Upload / Download features

Why Corporate Training Tool?
Corporate do not have to spend huge amounts on the traveling and accommodation of business executives across the globe.

All Facilities needed for training purpose is just a mouse click away on the world wide web.

Corporate not only save their cost but saves invaluable time.