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ESPPL Philosophy
While there is not an official list, these six principles have been cited as the core beliefs of philosophy behind the foundation, which is normally referred to as "The Elegant Way"-

  1. Collaborative Software Development
  2. Commercial-Friendly Standard License
  3. Consistently High Quality Software
  4. Respectful, Honest, Technical-Based Interaction
  5. Faithful Implementation of Standards
  6. Security as a Mandatory Feature

Fundamental Infrastructure
  1. The Web Serving Environment (Web Sites)
  2. eCommerce Systems
  3. The Code Repositories
  4. The Mail Management Environment
  5. The Issue/ Bug Tracking
  6. The Distribution Mirroring System

In Review
Within the first 8 years of operation, the ESPPL represents one of the best examples of an open organization that has found balance between structure and flexibility. We have also been able to find balance between openness and economical feasibility. This has earned us respect from a range of people, from single individuals to multinational corporations. We hope to continue to provide inspiration for businesses, governments, education, and for other software foundations.